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MushoLegends - Raya staring Mushroom kingdom
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In ancient times, the continent of Porcinia thrived. Every corner of the world was inhabited by Fungaloids – small mushroom folk who spent their days in harmony with the world around them, bringing life to the forests, and doing their part to maintain the circle of life…

  • Mushrolegends - Arena


    In the arena, players can fight each other for the highest rank, better rewards, and plunder each other.

  • Mushrolegends - Campaign


    Each chapter includes 10 missions. Your Heroes must beat in order to advance along a path over changing scenery.

  • Mushrolegends - Daily Quest

    Daily Quest

    Daily Quests can be done every personal Game Day.
    There will be a reward for completing each daily task.

How To Play

Build Your Dream Team

Purchase Mushro NFTs of different roles, rarity and tiers to build a team of five heroes.
You will use this team to fight with monsters in the campaign missions or PvP arena battles.

Buy Mushroes
MushroLegends - build your dream team by purchaing mushro NFTs with different roles, tiers, and rarity

Fight To Win

Upgrade your Mushroes and items to win the battles. Find strong Mushroes with unique skills and build your team strategically.
Fight with boss monsters and rich players to gain more Exp points, gold and diamonds.

Play Now
MushroLegends - Fight To Win in Arenas and Campaigns by upgrading heroes and items

Play To Earn

Gold and diamonds are in-game currencies, and can be earned by defeating enemies in battles.
All the diamonds you earned in the game can be later converted into BNB or BUSD.

Play Now
MushroLegends - Play to Earn your gold and diamonds

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